If you are in need of a corporate lawyer, you may be wondering what exactly you will be getting.

What exactly does corporate law entail, anyway? Simply put, corporate law is among the most elite and prestigious forms of law available.

That’s because of the complex processes, sensitive materials, and high-stakes representation involved with corporations and their day-to-day practices.

From dealing with a business incorporation, to negotiating buyouts, to mediating shareholders’ rights, public listings, buyouts, and more, corporate lawyers are the outside forces responsible for making a business reputable and protected in all aspects.

The Boston corporate lawyers at Gleason & Gleason specialize in corporate law proceedings for start-ups, small businesses, and medium-sized corporations in need of assistance with drafting, reviewing, and negotiating in areas such as contract drafting and negotiations, technology-related issues, corporate governance, equity transactions, and all forms of compliance matters.

Another part of corporate law at Gleason & Gleason involves advisement on a wide variety of commercial agreements, professional service agreements, technology transfer and service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and a whole lot more. We can also aid in corporate information technology outsourcing, business process outsourcing, intellectual property protection, and a whole lot more.

So, what exactly does a corporate lawyer do? Well, simply put, they protect your business in a way that you need to sustain and maintain your success.

What Makes A Good Corporate Lawyer?

Corporate lawyers are some of the top legal experts out there. Corporate lawyers, especially those at Gleason & Gleason, are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of business law and arbitration practices. A high quality corporate lawyer should stay abreast of the current trends, cases, and regulatory practices which are always changing and evolving.

Displaying a nose for negotiation and communication, corporate lawyers are ambitious, disciplined, and have the ability to think outside the box.
This helps during negotiation tactics, lawsuits, and other aspects of business law proceedings.

Why Is Corporate Law Important?

Corporate law may seem like a niche service, but it’s actually one of the most important aspects of owning, maintaining, and running a business. With the advanced regulations involved with owning a corporation becoming more and more complex, a corporate lawyer is needed to help navigate the choppy waters and deliver a comprehensive understanding of the aspects of business that executives and even other lawyers simply don’t possess.

Meet Our Corporate Lawyers

The corporate law firm of Gleason & Gleason is made up of a husband and wife team with unparalleled discipline and success at navigating the ins and outs of corporate law.

Francis G. Gleason: With all of the disciplinary and legal know-how you could ever dream of, Francis Gleason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him to the law firm of Gleason & Gleason. His career began in the Marine Corps, where he served as a legal officer and worked his way up to handle all investigations, court martials, non-judicial punishments, and administrative discharges of Marines from 1982 to 1986. He later worked as a litigation support specialist for a Wall Street firm, and famously represented the National Football League in their lawsuit against the Unites States Football League. Francis Gleason is an experienced corporate lawyer with an eye for complex litigation, making him a trusted partner for your business.

Jo Ann Jorge: With substantial experience in litigation for industries involving technology, service, manufacturing, and medical devices, Jo Ann Jorge has helped Gleason & Gleason successfully represent a variety of businesses with their commercial agreements, corporate governance, licensing, and more. Focusing on startup, early, stage, small, and mid-sized corporations, Jorge has made Gleason & Gleason among the most reputable names in corporate law in Boston and indeed all of Massachusetts.

Experienced Legal Counsel For Your Business

At Gleason & Gleason, our experienced corporate lawyers, consisting of a knowledgeable husband and wife team with a proven and successful track record, offer both large firm and in-house experiences at a price point that is affordable to both individuals and businesses in need of legal expertise.

Here, we offer a variety of legal services, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Law: We have the experience and knowledge necessary to lend business advice and counsel to both corporations and individuals in need of assistance with contracts, technology issues, corporate governance, equity transactions and structuring, trading and acquisitions, and compliance matters. Our corporate lawyers have successfully represented businesses from pre-revenue to mid-sized companies through acquisition by publicly traded corporations, helped technology and service companies with the acquisition of vendors, and represented corporations and individuals in the effective negotiation and drafting of ownership agreements, licensing agreements, and collaboration agreements.
  • Business And Employment Litigation: Among the elite, yet affordable, services offered by our law firm is business and employment litigation, which has aided both corporations and businesses during employment disputes in state and federal courts. We have also aided during arbitration, mediation, and administrative proceedings, including breach of contracts, buyouts, and misappropriation of trade secrets in the technology, service, manufacturing, and medical device industries and beyond.
  • Employment Law: Gleason & Gleason also specializes in employment law with the aim of providing legal help in the form of advice and counsel for companies and individuals alike. We specialize in drafting and reviewing executive employment agreements, consulting agreements, employee agreements, non-compete clauses, non-circumvention agreements, and prior invention agreements. Our successful representations include developing wage and hour policies for several corporations, devising and executing a strategy for a partner buyout in a technology company, and more.

What makes the premier Boston business lawyers of Gleason & Gleason different? Simple. Our progressive virtual business model allows us to pass along substantial savings without sacrificing knowledgeable counsel and quality service to our clients, both corporate and individual. We get results, no matter if you’re seeking litigation in court, arbitration between your employees, or even if your Massachusetts corporation has been sued. We specialize in offering qualified legal counsel to corporations of all size, whether they’re early-stage, small, or mid-sized.

Contact Gleason & Gleason today to get the best corporate lawyers who are focused on the health and representation of your business.